COUNTY CAMERAS: New Speed Cams Deployed

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More eyes are out on the streets in Polk County ready to catch drivers breaking the law.

“People tend to speed on this road,” says Chad Crabb.

The posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour.

“We see people sitting out on our porch going 40, 50 miles an hour,” says Crabb.

The father of two not only welcomes the extra enforcement, his wife asked the Sheriff’s Office to park one of the new mobile cameras in their front yard.

“I`m hoping that a lot of people will realize that this is a 25 mile an hour zone and slow down a bit,” he says.

Monday marked the start of Polk County’s 30 day grace period.  If the camera clocks you at 11 over the limit, you can expect to get a ticket in the mail.  Fines won’t start until next month.

“I’m not crazy about them,” says Kim Van Fosson.

Neighbors say they will like them a lot more if they get people to pay attention to the speed limit.

“It should help because this road gets a lot more traffic than it did before,” says Van Fosson.

The automated speed cameras will spend two days at each location.  If you’re interested in having one in your neighborhood, you can call, email or message the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

“The first seven or eight locations that we’ve chosen are based directly off of that.   After that, we’ll look at data  and look  at other things known to law enforcement – where we’ve written more speeding tickets, where we’ve seen more fatal or serious car crashes due to high speed,” says Polk County Sgt. Jana Abens.

Tuesday, the cameras will be parked 6500 block NE 41st Avenue and the 4000 block NE 94th Avenue.

Here are the locations for the rest of the week:
June 19 and 20, 2013 –11,600 block NW 121st Street; 5000 block NE 3rd Street
June 21, 2013 – 16,500 block NW 58th Street; NE 80th Street between Highway 163 and NE 38th Avenue

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