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…And it’s only Wednesday…

I should backup and say that I am including all the way back to last Thursday.

I had the pleasure of helping out the Lennox Quakerdale Pro/Am Golf fundraiser at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown.  I’ve never played golf in Marshalltown but what a hidden gem!  Champions Tour Pro Andy Bean gave a clinic before the event and my foursome of suppliers and dealers from the Midwest were great hosts.  Turns out our Pro was from a course I’m willing to sell organs to get on.  Jock Olsen was the pro at Interlachen C.C. in The Twin Cities for 15 years.  Interlachen, for you golf buffs, is the course where Bobby Jones completed the U.S. Open portion of his Grand Slam.  This history alone would be worth the walk around that track.

Friday My Mom and Dad came to visit for Father’s Day weekend and I got another round in with them.  My Mom s now a golf addict and you will hear no complaints from my Dad.  Both are retired and have time to work on their game.  I always like to get a couple of rounds in with my Dad every year and Father’s Day weekend is a special time to do it.  Nearly all of my best golf memories happened with my Dad in the foursome.

We dodged a few rain drops Saturday morning…when it looked like we were going to get hammered , we ducked into the clubhouse only to watch other foursome trudge on to the back nine.  We waited about thirty minutes before deciding we’d try to squeeze back into our position on the back.  Thankfully we could and we finished out.  I wish I’d played all 18. If you give me a par for the three I missed, I shot an 81.

Sunday Father’s Day I was well-remembered.  My Mother-in-law got me a dozen golf balls and when Sally asked Will if he knew what they were (expecting the answer:golf balls) he looked at her like she was crazy and said, “Mommy, those are the NEW Pro-V1x’s.  that’s my boy!  I guess he’s been watching too much Golf Channel.

Yesterday I completed a great golf week thanks to the folks at Hy-Vee.  They had their Partner/supplier/ distributor thank you outing.  Our boss was nice enough to pass the entry along to Myself, Bret McIntyre, Eric Wheater and Michael Admire.  I enjoyed getting to know two newer additions to the newsroom better.  We all had a great time but no one could hit a putt.  The Boys from WHO could only manage a best ball 69.  Not great.

Certain years I get a heavier bite from the golf bug. This year I want to play golf all the time.  I think it’s the interest the boys are showing in the game.  I’m dreaming of long golf afternoons that extend till dusk with those two in the years to come…

Speaking of golf…I finished that Tom Coyne Book I talked about in an earlier blog.  A Course Called Ireland was an even better read over the second half of the book.  If your wife/husband/son/daughter is a golf nut…get it and give it to them!

Lastly, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of young athletes that are training to me triathletes… Athletes from the Z3 Junior Triathlon team has an ambitious schedule for the summer.  While other kids are getting part-time jobs and spending time at the pool, these “kids” will travel the world competing against some of the best athletes from other countries. Their dream is to compete professionally and start a tradition of training and producing champions here in Des Moines.   hope I helped in some small way with their goals.

Hope you have a great day!