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TORNADO VIDEO: Muscatine Man Killed

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A man was killed when a tornado touched down in Muscatine, Monday night.

Surveillance video shows the funnel cloud in the upper left hand corner as it ripped through the town.

The twister hit an auto body shop, Krieger Collision Center.

Governor Branstad made a visit to the town, Tuesday. He met with the shop's owner.

“Obviously we have substantial damage to the church here and Krieger’s. I also understand there were a number of semis tipped over and other homes,” Branstad said.

One of Krieger’s employees was the man killed by flying debris.

The victim's name is being withheld but Doug Krieger says the man planned to retire at the end of this year.

Krieger says 20 employees were inside when the storm hit and their quick thinking saved the rest of their lives.

“They saw it and ran and hid under a work bench and got the door closed.  That explosion proof room saved the rest of them,” explained Krieger.

Gov. Branstad also visited Waukon Tuesday to look at the flooding damage there.

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