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CUPCAKE WARS: Meet Ames Competitor

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Sugar and spice make everything nice, but baker Tawnya Zerr says butter makes everything better. Zerr says, “To me you can’t beat the taste of butter. That really adds the fullest flavor. It creates a really nice dense cake.”

One of the latest things she checked off her career bucket list, competing in the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Zerr says, “I’m kind of a colorful person. So they probably wanted a little splash of color out there so they chose me.”

A colorful character, she has one piece of advice for aspiring cupcake competitors. Zerr says, “Go in exactly how you are. Don’t doubt yourself. Do what you feel like doing.”

Zerr says a good cupcake is nostalgic. Zerr says, “Thinking back to when your grandma brought out some fresh treats, or mom, a friendly neighbor. It just gives you a burst of joy in your day.”

Wanting to share her gift with as many people as possible, she donates her leftover treats at the end of each shift. Zerr says, “You know we wanted to do that to help out people that can’t afford a cupcake, and we just want to make sure what we’re selling to people is the freshest thing they can get.”

Zerr was the first eliminated on the show; however she has no plans of hanging up her apron anytime soon. She says she’s game for a rematch.

Des Moines’ Crème Cupcake Dessert also competed in the competition. Owner Christina Moffatt came in second.