NEW REGULATIONS: Truckers’ Hours Reduced

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Truck drivers have new regulations to pay attention to as of the first of the month.

Truck drivers are now required by law to work fewer hours in a week, dropping from 82 to 70.

If a driver reaches the 70 hour maximum they must rest for 34 consecutive hours.

Drivers will now have to take a 30 minute break in the first eight hours of a shift.

Officials hope these new rules help balance safety and productivity.

“All the regulations that are put into effect are put in place to make sure that the environment is safe for every driver out there, truck driver and automobile drivers so these regulations again are ensuring that the drivers are well rested and that they can get those loads delivered on time,” explains president of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, Brenda Neville.

Neville says trucking companies are changing their delivery times and some are hiring more drivers in order to obey these new rules and accommodate customers.