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BURGLARY SUSPECT: Man Arrested After Footchase

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A suspected burglar was busted after leading police on a chase over the banks of Four Mile Creek Wednesday afternoon.

The mud covered suspect dropped to one knee, exhausted after the chase that ended in the woods near East 33rd and Hubbell.

Police say they were called about a possible burglary in progress at 2939 Ovid. A witness described a man on a bike with a backpack.

Officers say they tried to question the man, Billy Bluffington, about a near-by burglary when he took off. They say he is known to officers and has outstanding warrants for burglary and possession with intent to deliver a schedule II controlled substance.

"One of our plain clothes burglary squad officers spotted the guy that matched the description on a bicycle with a back pack at the redwood motel.  He pulled up and tried to talk to him and the guy took off running,” says Sgt. Debra Richardson with the Des Moines Police Department.

Police found several items, including a hypodermic needle they believe contained meth in the Bluffington’s back pack. They also say he took a swing at an officer but didn’t connect with the punch.

Bluffinton is facing new charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, harassment of a public official, and assault on an officer.

The burglary squad was formed in January in response to a number of break-ins in the area. Since then, the group has made more than 100 arrests.