STAYING RELEVANT: Library Offers Free Music Downloads

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In a bid to stay relevant, an Iowa library now lets anyone with a library card download up to three songs a week, for free.

Those songs are then theirs to keep.

It’s part of a new program called Freegal in Dubuque.

Anywhere they have internet access, patrons can use their library card to get on the library’s website and download music to their computer or music player.

The library is looking into subscribing to a service for movies and videos.

“It used to be that libraries, in order to determine whether they were successful, they counted the numbers of items checked out in the library. But increasingly, people are using a library in different ways. They are using the library on the go,” says Susan Henricks.

The library’s reference desk even takes to Twitter to answer cardholder’s questions.

This year, directors carved out a chunk of the annual budget in order to pay for the Freegal subscription.