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TEEN THEATER: Group Produces Playhouse Show

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The Des Moines Playhouse is known for its educational programs for children in the metro and now a product of those programs is charting new territory.

For the first time, a group of teens is putting on a full-scale production, almost entirely on their own at the playhouse. They are producing Lord of the Flies.

The group is called Adolescent Anarchy. It launched last year as the brainchild of ten metro students.

To get the operation off the ground, the group launched a Kickstarter campaign last summer. They raised $4,500 for items like costumes, props and programs. The Playhouse is letting the group use its stage and is paying for the rights of the show.

The rest of the work, is all Adolescent Anarchy.

“The marketing and publicity of it all. I was coming into this, I had not expected to learn fundraising. And how to get the word out and make a focused statement…to get out what we`re going to do,” says Sam Bates-Norum.

“We`re getting life lessons. A lot of stuff for our resumes. No one`s really able to do this,” says Madi Delk.

This production of Lord of the Flies has a bit of a modern twist, in which the cast includes girls.

You can see Adolescent Anarchy’s production at the Des Moines Playhouse during the last two weekends of August.