MORNING BUZZ: Fired, Fried and First…

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Good Morning!
As I write this Zach Johnson is walking off the 12th green at the British Open having just drained another birdie. He is six under and leading the Championship. If I seemed a bit distracted this morning…that’s the reason. A run by Zach would give me an even better reason for watching the Open…not that I need one. This is my favorite major for its timing. The early morning coverage started at 4am! Perfect for our early shift! I love Peter Alis. The frank comments from the BBC legend also make this championship worth watching.

The DCI Agent that spotted the Governor’s car speeding across northern Iowa was fired yesterday. Before everyone goes Oliver Stone on this one…remember he admitted that he had “career problems” before the incident with the Governor ever happened. The State maintains it has the file to fire the guy regardless of what happened with he speeding SUV. Now the agent says he is going to sue for wrongful termination. Sure, cause he knows the prudent thing for the State to do is settle the lawsuit rather than fight it. That will probably mean he gets paid. I’d believe the lawsuit more if he was asking for his job back. I wonder what would have happened if he’d never seen the Governor’s SUV? Would we even have heard of this case?

I’d love to take the boys out and let em run around today. Is that a bad idea? Have we become too careful in situations like this? It’s going to be dangerously hot but with proper hydration and lots of sunscreen…you certianly CAN be outside. We went out on Tuesday and they were troopers. I put a couple Gatorade’s in the freezer before we left so they’d stay cold and filled up another 32oz bottle with water for me.
I’d just feel so stupid if they got heat stroke.

I hope you stay cool.