LACONA STORM: Little Warning, Big Damage

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A southern Iowa town got some much needed rain Wednesday night, but with that rain came strong winds.

It didn't last long, but there is a lot of damage and people in Lacona are most concerned that they had no idea it was coming.

Every Wednesday, Lacona`s emergency sirens sound, making sure the equipment can alert everyone on a moment`s notice.

But the only thing Amanda Bales heard Wednesday night was the sound of the storm, “I mean just literally minutes and then somebody came and got us and said your tree fell.”

Bales adds there was no warning adding, “the sky wasn`t really that dark either.”

Meteorologists say the storm was likely a down burst.  It can come unexpectedly and pack winds over 100 miles per hour.

In just minutes, beautiful back yards turned into lumber lots.

Homeowner`s insurance will cover at least some of the damages here. But Bales` car isn`t covered.

The storm may have destroyed their van but it left their sense of humor still intact.

“They say that if we drove it, it would be good airflow because it`s so open now,” Bales joked.

Despite the damage, there are no reported injuries.