REVIEW REQUEST: License Plates, Traffic Cameras

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Gov. Terry Branstad is addressing a recent report on more than 3,200 unidentified official Iowa license plates belonging to local, state, and federal agencies that are allowed to avoid tickets from automated traffic cameras.

During a Thursday afternoon news conference at the capitol to discuss public safety issues, Branstad called for an immediate investigation and review by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The governor says the number of license plates that are exempt from the traffic cameras “is an unacceptably large number.”

Branstad says the license plates need to be restricted to only the agencies absolutely necessary.

He also directed the DOT to review traffic cameras in general including the following information: how many people have been issued tickets, how many people should have been ticketed but weren’t, how many people have paid fines, how many fines haven’t been paid, how much of the fine goes to vendors and how much goes to local governments.