SHELTER ASSAULT: Volunteer Fired

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A homeless woman says she was sexually assaulted by a volunteer at the Central Iowa Shelter and Services in Des Moines last week.

“He said come to the right side of the room, I think I have some clothes that will fit you and that’s when the incident occurred,” says Willa Klampe–Carillo.

The victim says the volunteer Luis Alonso Flores grabbed her hand and put it on his groin.

According to the victim, Flores has verbally and sexually assaulted other females at the shelter but the shelter has not taking action until now.

Flores did confess to police saying he only grabbed the victims behind.

Police charged Flores with simple assault, there was not enough evidence to charge for sexual assault.

Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police Department says, “He [Flores] has to go to court makes his appearance, make the initial guilty or not guilty claim and go from there.”

Flores was fired from his position and could face a fine if he pleads guilty in court.

Executive director of Central Iowa Shelter and Services, Tony Timm says, “To help ensure similar incidents do not happen again, including adding to our arsenal of 45 security cameras and mandating that at least two volunteers will be present during operational or other activities that our clients and/or public might be engaged in."