SUMMER SMARTS: ISU’s STEM Research Program

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Summer is a time for many students to get away from class, but some students at Iowa State University are using the time to learn even more.

The summer internship, called the George Washington Carver Research Experience, is designed to give students from non-farm cultures hands-on practice at research and STEM – science, technology, engineering and math.

“During this program what we would like to do, we would like to give them a flair of research…how to do the research,” says Prashant Singh, ISU researcher.

Twenty-two undergraduate students and 13 high school students from all over came to Ames for the eight week program.

“We want to show them that STEMs are not scary and that they can be successful at STEM fields and that it may take just a little extra work to get over the math or the science hub but they are just as capable as any other student in being successful in STEM,” says Theressa Cooper, Assistant Dean Diversity, College of Agriculture Life Sciences

“I’ve been learning a whole lot of genetic approaches as far as genetically modifying crops to be more sustainable…to be resistant to a lot of problems that plague the crops,” says Ellen Tisdale, a student in the program.

The students will take industry tours and learn how diversity can work in various science work places.