WATER SAFETY: Warnings After Spate Of Drownings

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Recent drownings in Northeastern Iowa have brought the issue of boating safety to the attention of both boaters and authorities.

Wednesday another body was pulled from a river in Iowa, the second such drowning in Eastern Iowa this week. In Northeastern Iowa five people have drowned in little over a month.

Boater Cory Robinson takes his family out to Cedar River once a week, and says that he sees his share of irresponsible behavior.

“People are whipping their inner tubes back and forth, things of that nature. Kind of out of control,” says Robinson.

The Cedar Rapids Fire Department says that the two main problems they see are boat owners not keeping up with their boat’s maintenance and people in the water without lifejackets.

“Know the limitations of your boat. Make sure it’s properly serviced and a lot of these problems are avoided,” says Greg Buelow, the Cedar Rapids Fire Department Public Information Officer.

Regarding lifejackets, Buelow says, “”You have to have a life jacket on at all times. It’s really that piece of protective equipment that’s going to help, help give you a better chance of surviving if you would go into the water and have a problem.”

Officials also want to remind people that the legal blood alcohol limit while boating is .18 – the same as on the roadways.

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