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BRANSTAD POLL: Mixed Results For Gov.

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A poll released Friday shows Gov. Terry Branstad is liked by Iowa voters, but some think his time in office should be done.

The Quinnipiac University poll shows 51-percent of Iowa voters approve of Branstad’s handling of his job, while 33-percent disapprove.

Even with the high approval rating, some of the people polled say Gov. Branstad should move on.

Fifty-four-percent says he’s been in office long enough, but 37-percent say he should seek another term.

Quinnipiac University says one issue is working in Gov. Branstad’s favor for a possible re-election. Researchers say the potential Democratic challengers are not well known to many Iowa voters.

Many of the people polled did not know much about those possible candidates, including Tyler Olson, Jack Hatch and Mike Gronstal.

Governor Branstad’s campaign office released a statement Friday afternoon saying, “The only poll that matters is the one they take on election day and we’re confident based on the governor’s work creating jobs, balancing the budget and ushering in transformational education reform that Iowans will continue moving forward with Branstad-Reynolds.”

So far the governor has not announced if he is running for re-election.

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