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CLIVE CAMERAS: Red Light Tickets Put On Hold

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To call Hickman Road busy would be an understatement.

When the road gets packed chief of police Michael Venema says drivers take gambles. Venema says, “When they see a yellow light they hit the accelerator instead of the brake and that`s when they`re causing a safety issue.”

In 2006 the city of Clive installed six red light cameras to catch drivers from running red lights along Hickman.

A private company installs and runs the cameras in exchange for getting a portion of the violator`s fine for running a red light. Thursday night the city council voted against renewing its contract with the company that runs the cameras.

While they voted against the contract, the council could propose a new contract, and once again start ticketing red light runners.

Even though this could mean the city loses an estimated $700,000 annually by shutting down the cameras, Councilman Michael McCoy says they shouldn't have been there in the first place. McCoy says, “Because that happened it shouldn`t force me to be painted in a corner and say I’m going to keep them because we have to have the money. If it`s not right it`s not right. And it`s the principal of the deal. Let`s fix it.”

Any red light camera ticket issued after 8:09 p.m. July 18th won`t cost you a dime, but instead of celebrating Clive police say you should take the ticket as a stern warning. Venema says, “I guess I would just ask people to drive in a manner in which they don`t` have to worry about the cameras.”

While what the city does with the cameras may still be up in the air, Venema says drivers should focus on what they do have control over while they're behind the wheel.

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