GOP TALK: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Visits With Iowa Voters

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On the senate floor, more experienced politicians may prefer Texas Senator Ted Cruz to keep his opinions to himself.

“There is a tradition in the senate that junior senators should be seen and not heard,” said Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas.

In front of fifty supporters at the Iowa GOP Summer Picnic, he had the stage to himself, free to share where he stands on issues like gun control.

"We will filibuster any amendment that threatens people's right to bear arms,” said Cruz.

He also weighed in on the president's health care plan.

"There is no regulatory reform more important than repealing ObamaCare,” Cruz told Channel 13 News.

Cruz didn't say if those issues would be the foundation of a presidential run in 2016.

That announcement wasn't what Betsy Sigler, an independent who attended the event was looking for.

"I was looking for him to offer some advice about how to get involved grassroots wise and I  think he did that today,” said Sigler.

What he did not do is make any sort of official announcement.

Dr. Art Sanders, a political science professor at Drake University says that's okay.

Cruz still has time as long as he lets Iowans know who he is.

"If they're even thinking about running and aren't a well-known name, it never hurts to get here early," said Sanders.

Iowans will get a chance to meet him again in just three weeks when he speaks to supporters at the Family Leadership Summit the second week in August.

rand paulCruz wasn’t the only potential candidate in Des Moines Friday.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was also making the rounds as he met with leaders of the evangelical, African-American and Latino communities while in the area.

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