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MURPHY’S LAW: Bad break for Gesell, Spurrier loves Arby’s, The Mechanic’s dance

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By: John Sears

Tough break for Iowa point guard Mike Gesell.  Gesell broke a bone in his left hand on Thursday during the Prime Time League semifinals.  Mike will miss 4-6 weeks, but is expected to be 100% for the season.  Injuries are never fun but if there’s a good injury to have it’s a broken bone, in your non-shooting hand, during the middle of the summer.  The bad news, Gesell will not be able to play at all during the European trip in August.

Doug McDermott has been invited to the USA men’s national team minicamp in Las Vegas.  This isn’t just any team USA, this is ‘THE’ Team USA.  Lebron, Durant, Chris Paul, etc.  All the NBA stars will be there.  McDermott is just 1 of 2 college players invited to the camp.  The other is Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State.  Doug won’t make the team, but still it’s a heck of an opportunity for the Ames native.

Miguel Angel Jimenez leads after the 2nd round of the British Open.  If you want someone to win besides Zach Johnson or Tiger Woods, I recommend pulling for ‘The Mechanic.’  Why?  Just watch his warmup routine, it’s epic.

Just how hard is Muirfield in Scotland playing?  4 players shot in the 60’s on Friday, 17 in the 80’s.  Yikes.  Jimenez is at -3, Tiger just 1 shot back, Zach is 2 back at minus 1.  I’ll put my $$$ on Tiger.  No one is going to run away with this championship, I think Tiger outlasts everyone.

Steve Spurrier, the Ol’ Ball Coach, like Arby’s.  Here’s a picture of proof.  Pretty sweetSpurrier at Arbys.












Speaking of sweet pics.  How cool was it when Jim Carrey jumped on the Pella team baseball bus at a Burger King in Fairfield?  Very cool.  It doesn’t matter the Dutch lost 7-1, this is a moment these kids will remember the rest of their life.  “We’ve landed on the Moon!”   “Our pets heads are falling off!”  Dumb and Dumber is all I think of when someone mentions Jim Carrey.  Classic.

carrey pella













Saturday may be the greatest day in the history of the Iowa Barnstormers.  OOHHHHHHHHHHHH BAAACCCOOONNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bacon Bowl I.  Iowa vs Utah.  No playoff berth on the line, but plenty of damn good bacon.  Save me some.

Did you know Des Moines is a pretty hip place?  It is.  Proof.