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HEAT HINDERANCE: Corn Crop Struggles To Grow

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Earlier this year, farmers complained of too much water saturating their fields. Now, they're saying their fields are too dry and their crops aren't growing.

Every customer who stops by mike Penick's sweet corn stand is happy it's around, but with the weather conditions, Penick worries if he'll be able to keep his stand open.

“There ain’t much we can do to control it now, it’s out of our hands,” says Penick.

Penick is known around Warren County for his sweet corn. He had hoped to grow the perfect yield this season, but it started out too cold and wet. Now his fields are experiencing the exact opposite

“We went from one extreme to the other. It’s starting to get serious.”

Most of his corn crops aren't fully matured. Their roots are too short and are having trouble growing because of the lack of rain. High temperatures are also a contributing factor.  It’s only a matter of time before his sweet corn will begin to wilt.

“Two weeks of this, things are gonna be downhill pretty fast.”

He could be shutting down his stand early if the weather conditions don’t improve. The heat is hindering crop production.

Penick says the potential of low yield would mean high prices for consumers.

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