CORRIDOR REVIVAL: Southwest 9th Street Plans

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The Des Moines city council will discuss plans Monday night to revitalize a major road that runs through the south side of the city, through the heart of downtown.

At a council workshop meeting Monday morning, members talked about revitalizing the Southwest 9th Street corridor. That’s a five mile stretch of road that runs from Highway 5 to downtown Des Moines.

The Blank Park Zoo is a popular destination on that road, as well as Lincoln High School, and a lot of other businesses.

Council member Brian Meyer played a big role in renovation plans to Southridge Mall and revitalization efforts on Southeast 14th Street. That included putting a moratorium on used car lots.

Meyer says he’d also like to see a moratorium on used car lots on Southwest 9th, turn the vacant land at Southwest 9th and Army Post Road into green space and clean up the properties across the street from Lincoln High School.

Phil Barber co-owns the Southside Sculpture Park, right off of Southwest 9th and McKinley. Hhe says it’s a good project for the city to get started on.

“It’s one of the only streets that goes dead center into downtown Des Moines, so it is the gateway into downtown Des Moines, and there is a lot of room for development on that street.  It ties right into Highway 5 out there so it’s a great street to develop,” says Barber.

Council members say if this project is successful, other corridor plans could follow. That includes the northeast corridor to Altoona, the market district and the Keo Way corridor.