PRINCESS PARTY: Making A Splash For Cancer Patient

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It's not every day you get to see a mermaid splashing around a metro pool. One little mermaid is getting ready to party like a princess this weekend. And, this won't just be fun for creatures under the sea. A special little girl will benefit.

Everywhere she goes. Alexandra Beem, makes a splash. She says, "The fact that I get to be The Little Mermaid and swim is like a dream come true for me."

The princess typically dresses for dry land. Little Princess Parties Owner Sarah Strominger says, "Normally at the party, she has her legs because she needs to be able to walk and dance."

But, this Saturday, she'll party in the pool. Beem says, "When we found out about Estella, I was like, what can we do, what can we do? I need to do something."

Little Princess Parties will host a special party at the pool in Dallas Center on August 3rd. The goal is to raise money for one of its own little princesses.

Mom Cari Backes says, "Estella Lou was born in May of 2011. And, then a week before her 2nd birthday this year she was running some fevers."

Backes plays Cinderella. A few months ago, she took her toddler to Blank Children's Hospital to run some tests. Choking up, she says, "Found out the next morning she had leukemia." Estella spent two months in the hospital. She currently receives chemo every week and a half and gets frequent blood transfusions.

Backes says, "We're just fighting her battle, and it's going to be 2 and a half years treatment."

More than 100 little princesses will be at the party. They hope to raise about $1,500 for Estella. Backes says, "That's great because we go to the clinic at least once a week, and that's a $50 co-pay, medicines and of course the 2 month hospital stay."

Estella also has physical therapy to help her walk again, along with many more doctors’ visits ahead of her.  Backes says, "We're so proud of her. She's doing great. We can't wait to see her get through this and be what she's meant to be."

She’s a princess in the making, getting a little magical help along the way.

Tickets for the princess pool party are sold out, but you can still make contributions to Estella. Click here for more information. Organizers are already planning another princess pool party for next summer.