HUNGER GAME: Meals From The Heartland Competition

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It’s something we learned from our parents and teachers…

“We practiced in the offseason just to do this!” said one contestant.

Take a menial task and make a game of it…

“The competition between the people is kind of exciting,” said another.

It’s a sprint to begin the marathon task of fighting hunger…

“You’re falling behind, let’s go!”

…not in the third world…but here in ours.

“One number that was floated around two years ago," says Meals From the Heartland chairman, Jerry Armstrong, "was that it would take 72,000,000 meals a year to eliminate all the hunger in Iowa.”

Each bag feeds six people and feeds them well…

“This meal is really a great meal. It’s very nutritious, so it’s healthy for the kids and the adults," Armstrong says.

And it’s healthy for those packing the meals…

“There’s a lot more to this than being fast,” said another contestant.

…because fighting hunger, begins with acknowledging it.

“You’re touching the meal, you’re making it, and you know in your hands, six people are going to get to eat because you packaged it,” says Armstrong.

It’s seems fitting that the team of Hy-Vee managers should win a bagging contest sponsored by Hy-Vee…

But the loudest statement of all stood silently stacked.  Nearly 9,000 meals…enough to feed 54,000 people.

“We just can’t have people in central Iowa go to bed hungry at night," Armstrong says. "That’s not us.”

Find out how you can participate in the Meals From the Heartland event at the Iowa State Fair here.

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