BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN: Biodiesel Option For Farmers

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Several new billboards are popping up around the metro with a message for farmers.

Twelve signs dot the roads along the routes to the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

They’ll be in place for several weeks.

The effort is being launched by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. They are promoting biodiesel as farmers and those interested in agriculture arrive for the fair.

“So often when they’ve got to fill up their farm tanks they are in the middle of planting or harvest, they call their fuel provider and just say ‘hey, fill up the tank’ and if they don’t remember to say ‘hey, B5 (5% biodiesel) or B20 or something like that then they get straight diesel,” says IRFA executive director, Monte Shaw.

“We’re trying to say remember to ask for that biodiesel as it benefits their own bottom line.”

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