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MORNING BUZZ: Votes, Smarts, and Salaries

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Good Morning!
It’s been a while. When I started doing this I said I wouldn’t write just to write. I don’t know why but I just haven’t had a lot to say lately.

Greene County says yes to a Casino. Unless something significantly changes I can’t see the IRGC saying yes. Dallas County said no toa new Jail and administration building. i don’t know details. It it just the location that put people off or was it the price tag. I know the location was an issue and I can see that. The County building being on the square makes a difference to businesses in Adel.
If it’s the pricetag..that I don’t get. It costs money to keep people in jail. Iowa’s old county jails were never meant to do the job they’re doing now.

Cyclospora Suit
The woman suing Olive Garden because she got sick is going to have an uphill climb. Even if she proves that the lettuce she ate from OG was in some way tainted…and I think you’d have a hard time doing it…Olive garden is one of the places Health inspectors will tel you should always eat. the company that runs OG and Red Lobster have some of the highest food safety standards in the biz. I remember an inspector telling me once that he only eats at that chain when he goes out of town.

Cityview recently did a piece on salaries. Here it is. I’m surprised at some of them…not at all on some of the others and there are some notable exclusions here…what do you think? should any of these people make more. Are you more or less likely to give to an organization after having that information?

Johnny Stupid
I’ll say it one more time. if you are getting a free college education from a great university for FREE. If you have a multi-million dollar contract waiting for you in the NFL. Stay in your dorm room and lock the door. If the reigning Heisman winner isn’t smart enough to realize that…he should have to sit out his senior year. You can cal the NCAA hypocritical all you want…these are the rules and they agreed to abide by them.

I Love a Parade
Come see the Today in Iowa crew out at the Iowa State Fair Parade tonight. We are all going to be up past our bedtime but it’s fun to see people who watch the show. If you miss the Parade, come out to the Fairgrounds and stop by the Administration building. We will be out front. I’ll be there next (the 2nd Saturday of the fair) Saturday.
I’m off to my annual fishing trip in the Ozarks Friday…if the resort hasn’t floated away. Hopefully the trout will still be there.

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