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FIRST AID: Red Cross Assists At State Fair

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From scrapes to sprained ankles, the State Fair sees it all and the American Red Cross is there to treat every injury in between.

“We treat simple things too like people that need a Band - Aid or sunscreen or Tylenol for a headache or something like that,” says Red Cross Volunteer, Susan Carzoli.

The Red Cross has more than 140 volunteers at the fair and they respond to around 500 calls each day. The most common injury at the fair is people tripping over curbs and uneven surfaces.

The Red Cross takes care of immediate needs; otherwise more serious needs are handled by paramedics.

American Red Cross Regional Executive director, Leslie Schaffer, says “It’s always such a great feeling when were out here to know that were helping people in need and they don’t expect it. People don’t come out here thinking they’re going to get sick but we're here when they do.”

The Red Cross has two first aid stations on the fairgrounds, one next to the Administration building and the other on "the hill" near the Bud Tent.
They're open every day from 8 am until midnight.

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