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MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Fair Visitors Weigh In

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As part of Channel 13’s question of the day at the Iowa State Fair, visitors have been casting their kernel on a daily topic.

Tuesday’s question is: should Iowa legalize medical marijuana?

More than 2,500 people have voted at the fair and the results have been split 50/50 as of 5 p.m..

The topic has been hotly debated at the Statehouse too.

Earlier this year, an Iowa Senate subcommittee approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana. But the debate ended there.

People who participated in our Cast Your Kernel poll weighed up the benefits of its medical use.

“I voted “yes” because I know in cases of cancer it helps a lot, it helps a lot with the nausea,” Charlotte Noble said.

While others worried about its widespread use, “I think it gets misused a lot and that even if it’s being used for medical purposes it’s not necessarily being used that way,” another voter said.

You can keep voting on this issue through the evening.

If you’re visiting the fair, the WHO-TV booth is located by the Administration Building near the Grand Concourse.

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