NO DELAY: Grand Ave. Bridge Work Will Continue

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On Monday, contractors working on the Grand Avenue Bridge found items the City of Des Moines said may have quote archeological significance.

For the owner of a local Mexican restaurant, news of another potential delay was the last thing he wanted to hear.

"The people that look for this stuff are doing their job. They also need to take into account there are businesses around and it's frustrating,” said Juvencio Ramirez, owner of Viva Mexican Restaurant in Des Moines.

A field archeologist was sent to the construction site Tuesday to comb the area for historical items.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation's Culture Resource Group, he didn't find anything significant.

There were animal remains and an arrowhead found.

Both are believed to have washed up in Walnut Creek and weren't originally in the area.

A final report from the state archeologist hasn't been released, but it appears that work will be allowed to resume this week.

“Our goal is not to cause delays. That's one of the things transportation archeology is about is going out in front of a project and taking a look and seeing what's out there,” said Matt Donovan, Chief Archeologist for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

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