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It looks like a stability ball, but looks can be deceiving.  That’s just one of the lessons we learned in this “Workout of the Week”.

“A regular stability ball doesn’t have any weight inside,” explains personal trainer Angie Gallagher, “a ballast ball has some ballast in it, or sand.”  And that, Gallagher says – is a game changer. With certain moves, the added weight actually requires less effort

“So if you’re using it as a chair it’s easier because it takes less core muscles to keep it still.”

It makes a core exercise like a crunch with a leg lift much easier than it would be on a regular stability ball, but Angie isn’t really about doing things the easy way.  The next move she demonstrates involves being in a plank position on the ball, jumping off it, doing a pushup and then jumping back on top of the ball.  It’s ridiculously hard and we spent a lot of time falling on the floor.

The added resistance makes this great a great tool for traditional abdominal moves and using the sound of the sand inside can help you work even harder to control complex movements.

We quickly learn that the ballast ball goes way beyond the basics. It’s definitely a game-changer that will take your boring old stability ball workout to a whole new level.

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