BIG DISCOVERY: ‘Smallest Book’ Identified At UI

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You don't judge a book by its cover… or its size. The University of Iowa has a made a microscopic discovery inside their library.

Recently a librarian discovered something huge in the library's special collection and it could be the smallest book ever printed.

The 4-millimeter book is so tiny it has to be picked up with tweezers. The print is too small to even read with the naked eye.

The book was donated to the university in the mid 1990's but staff had little knowledge of its origin or meaning.

Recently, staff used a new microscope to discover the book was the first chapter of the book of genesis.

"It was pretty technical to do this kind of production, and I think it was very well done," says conservator Giselle Simon.

The book was traced back to the 1965 World's Fair in New York.

The miniature bible was meant to be worn on a necklace.

It was sold as a two-book set with an identical slightly larger bible. Both are now in the special collection of miniature books which is about 4,000 strong.

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