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NEW HOME: Historic Jet Flown To Camp Dodge

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New CH-47F carrying a vintage A-7

A historic US Air Force jet has made its way to Camp Dodge in Johnston and it was no small feat to get it to its new home.

The A-7 has been in storage at the Sioux City air base for more than 15-years. But Thursday it came out of hiding.

A Chinook helicopter took it from Sioux City to Johnston Thursday afternoon.

The jet was built in 1981.

The aircraft honors chief technician Bruce Johnson and pilot captain Andy Erickson. Both used to maintain and fly this type of jet but are now deceased.

Technicians have been working to refurbish the aircraft with new metalwork and fresh paint to replicate its appearance at the height of the cold war in the 1980s.

The vintage aircraft wasn’t the only thing that impressed the pilots…

“This is a CH-47F. It’s a brand new aircraft to the Iowa Guard. We picked him up in March. It’s about a $30-million aircraft,” chief warrant officer Cory Crain said of the Chinook. Adding on their latest addition, “We’re happy to have the old aircraft on display in Camp Dodge.”

The trip was delayed several hours due to weather conditions.