NEW SCHOOL: First Day At Ankeny Centennial

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The first day of classes ever at Ankeny Centennial High School kicked off Thursday.

Ankeny’s second high school will have more than 900 students but can hold as many as 1,400.

While the spilt of high schools has been in the works for a while, Principal Jen Lindaman says the district is looking at ways to ease some emotional pain for friends being separated

“Our first home football game against one another, we’re really looking for ways to celebrate our community together. Yeah there will be a spirit of healthy competition but also recognizing that we’re still one town, Ankeny, and we all are proud of that community spirit we have here,” says Lindaman.

The intra-city football game will take place August 30th.

The school gave the students the option of a joint prom with the two schools for the first year and that’s what they will do.

The schools’ student councils also plan to work together on community service projects.