SCHOOL SECURITY: Video Intercom Systems Installed

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Thursday marked the first day of school and kids at Ankeny’s East Elementary already have a lot to learn.

Principal Julianne Taylor says, “Our little ones will come home at the end of the day and probably many of them will probably feel like they have been you know experiencing quite a day and are tired.”

But it’s not just the students that have to tackle a new curve. Taylor says, “You know initially there’s a learning curve for all of our visitors, but they also understand that our priority is the safety and security of our students.

Thanks to a new video intercom system the only way visitors will be able to get into any buildings in the Ankeny School District is by pressing a button.

But you don’t just check in on camera. Once you’re buzzed in you have to check in at the main office and provide an ID for a quick background check... if you pass the test you’re given a visitors badge with a photo ID.

Security manager Chad Bentzinger says, the badge not only has your name, it also lists where in the school you are authorized to be. Bentzinger says, “So coupled with those things we’re really monitoring and filtering who we’re letting around into our buildings and who has access to our kids.”

Taylor says this change may be a bit overwhelming... but these steps are as necessary as homework to a child’s education. Taylor says, “If students are not feeling are and secure, the learning is not maximized either.”