FATAL FLIGHT: Man Pulled Out Of Plane By Parachute

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Owner of Skydive Iowa in Brooklyn, Bruce Kennedy says yesterday was an ideal day for skydiving.  Kennedy says, “5-10 mile an hour winds it’s just perfect.”

Despite last night’s  perfect conditions, his long-time customer wanted to enjoy the weather from a plane instead. Even though his friend had no plans of diving, Kennedy requires everyone wear a parachute just in case. But  this symbol safety turned deadly, when it accidentally opened… sucking the rider out of the plane during takeoff. Kennedy says,  “It’s tragic. There’s just no words to describe it.”

Not knowing what went wrong, the only thing he wants to do is the one thing he can’t. Kennedy says, “Doesn’t do much good just to crawl in a hole, which is what we all kind of want to do but so it’s best that we just go on with our daily routine.”

Avoiding the darkness he looks to the sky and thinks of his friend. Kennedy says, “He could have been a skydiver you know with his Harley Davidson and his hunting skills and stuff, he lived on the edge.”

And shares this edge with others looking for the rush he enjoys every day.