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911 CALLS: Homeowner Kills Escaped Prisoner

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The 911 calls in connection with the shooting death of an escaped inmate from the Clarinda Correctional Facility have been released.

Thirty-eight-year-old Rodney Long was killed early Tuesday morning. Officials say Long, armed with a handgun, broke into the rural Bedford home of Jerome and Carolyn Mauderly late Monday night and held the couple against their will.

rodney longFour hours into the incident the Mauderly’s decided to defend themselves. Jerome Mauderly, a retired prison guard, was able to get to his shotgun and shoot Long, killing him.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office released the calls connected to the incident Wednesday. The first call was short and came from Carolyn, letting dispatchers know “he’s here” before hanging up.

Dispatchers called Carolyn back and she told them her husband had shot Long.

Click below to hear the 911 call.

Carolyn Mauderly: "Hello?"

Dispatcher: "OK they wanted me to tell you to get yourself in a secure area."

Carolyn Mauderly: "Jerry just shot him, he's laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. So, he was…he was here, and he was… he did it, so...”

Dispatcher: "All units responding, subject's been shot by the homeowner."

Authorities searched the Mauderly`s property three times several hours before they say Long broke in.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says Jerome Mauderly likely won't face charges, because he acted in self defense.