BOGUS BILLS: Counterfeit Money Used In Metro

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A bunch of phoney money is being passed in the metro, leaving police scrambling to find suspects.

Police say a white, bald man in his 30's passed counterfeit five and ten dollar bills a couple of weeks ago at a Git-N-Go on East 29th, then at the McDonalds on East University.

Several bills have also been passed at other businesses this week.  The quality isn’t very good, but business managers admit, sometimes the bogus bills slip by.

counterfeit money suspect"I mean he came through when it was really busy and we were trying to get the orders out really quickly so we didn't really study the bill." says McDonalds manager Troy Campbell,

"We're used to studying the 50's and hundreds but this is a ten dollar bill so it's really rare."

Police say they don’t know whether all of the cases are connected.