MURPHY’S LAW: Football time, Pelini’s prank, Adventureland

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By: John Sears

College football week is finally here!  Yaayyyyyyyyy!!!  Oh wait, now work gets really, really busy…No worries, I love football.

Has there been a year in recent memory where both Iowa AND Iowa State’s expectations were so low?  The Cyclones are predicted by most to finish with 4, maybe 5 wins, Iowa not much better.  Both are predicted to finish near the bottom of the Big 12 and Big 10.  That’s disappointing.  Never the less, it’s football, pre-season rankings/expectations rarely ever pan out.  Lets hope so.

I honestly don’t know what to expect from either the Cyclones or Hawkeyes.  I could see Iowa winning 8 games, or 3.  I could see Iowa State winning 8, or 3.  Can Jake Rudock move the Hawkeye offense efficiently?  Will Sam Richardson take that next step in being an upper tier Big 12 QB?  No one knows.  But heck, it’s football season, lets get this season started.

I think only one of either Iowa or Iowa State will make a bowl game.  I’m not sure who.  If I had to give an edge, I’d give it to Iowa.  For the Hawks it boils down to their first 5 paul rhoadsgames.  4 wins are a must if they want to go bowling, it’s doable.  The Cyclones once again have one of the toughest schedules in the country, which is why I lean towards Iowa making a bowl game and not ISU.  But the Clones always have the ‘Rhoads factor’ and count me as one who won’t be surprised when Iowa State pulls off a big upset this season.

Bo Pelini pulled off an awesome prank at Nebraska.  It’s good.

Former Hawkeye QB Ricky Stanzi was cut by the Chiefs on Sunday.  I’m honestly not surprised.  Stanzi has not looked good in the pre-season.  I like Stanzi, good guy, had a great Senior season at Iowa, but for some reason it just hasn’t translated in the NFL.  Stanzi will likely get 1 more shot with some team, but this could be the end.

I see Miley Cyrus blew up twitter tonight…Classy.

I went to Adventureland on Saturday with the family.  This place is like the State fair without all the ‘food on a stick.’  It was packed.  I remember going to Adventureland when I was younger and it seemed huge, now, not so much.  I went on the Tea Cups and the carousel with my daughter.  Yes, I’m a badass.  My daughter is just 2  1/2 so she can’t go on many of the big rides yet.  It took us 3+ hours to go on 8 kid rides and eat lunch.  The bigger rides had lines twice as long.  All in all though a good time.

Adrienne adventureland

Did I mention its COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK!!!!!!!

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