CAMPUSTOWN CHANGES: Ames Considers Plans

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This week the Ames City Council discussed plans to demolish and redevelop a section of Campustown on Welch Avenue.

Council members have been meeting with developers all summer.

Some Iowa State students feel they were left out the loop when the council discussed the plans

Student Body President, Spencer Hughes says, “I think there were some lines of communication that could have been utilized better.”

City council member Matthew Goodman agrees. The city started planning for the project this summer, when students were not on campus.

“I think I can be very empathic to the students perspective in which the student haven`t been very involved in this process,” commented Goodman.

The city and University are working with Kingland System on a 20 million dollar remodel to replace restaurants and bars with retail and office spaces.
Charlie Yoke's is one of the nine businesses that will have to relocate if the council approves the plan.

“I guess changes happen so we plan to role with the punches and keep doing what I think we do well,” says Charlie Yoke’s owner, Jason Crimmings.

The Campustown Action Association is working with the businesses that will locate and say the change will bring a positive atmosphere to the area.

“One of the things that the city and the university have been pushing for many years not just the last 5 years is campus town redevelopment,” says Executive Director of CAA, Kim Hanna.

It won’t be several weeks until the council moves forward with the plans; however the Student Body President asked the city council to listen to student opinions.

“I asked the city council to kind of slow down and give students the opportunity to share their opinions,” says Hughes.

If the project is approved, crew would begin demolition early of next year and finish in late 2015.