DRUG BUST: Bystander Helps Cops

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A traffic stop Thursday night ended in a drug bust.

But how the suspect ended up in police custody is unusual.

The drama started when police tried to pull over an SUV near Guthrie and the Interstate.  Instead of pulling over, the driver took off, jumped out of his vehicle and ran off.

“The gentleman ran from Trooper Grengs around to the Kum & Go,” said Iowa State Trooper Michael Clyde.

“I was getting ready to go into the store to get what I needed and I heard the cop saying ‘don’t run’ and I’m like, do you want some help? And I helped him and said to the guy, don’t run.  You’re going to regret it,” said Rebecca Lee, a witness.

The man did run and we suspect he now regrets it.

The trooper and witness Rebecca Lee followed the suspect around to the back of the store where police said he was trying to ditch his drugs.   Lee spotted him and went after him.

“I chased him back this way.  He got in his car and as he got in his car he was eating his marijuana, literally, and he had three or four pounds of it on him,” Lee said.

“He basically froze up and wouldn’t comply with the trooper’s orders.  He was taken to the ground and handcuffed,” she said.

That’s when police found all the marijuana the man was apparently trying to hide.

Police said this was a good bust because it was a high grade hydroponic pot.  The pot is worth a few thousand dollars, police added.

Investigators have not released the suspect’s name and no word on charges he faces.