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FAMILY RELAY: 3 Legs, 3 Generations

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Elite and amateur athletes are getting ready for a big race this weekend. The Hy-Vee Triathlon starts and finishes at Gray's Lake this Sunday. Part of the competition includes a relay.

The Kurth Family is getting ready to run, bike and swim. Carsen Kurth says, "We're called 3XGen."

The Kurth family is about to give the tri, a try. Carsen says, “I'm doing the 10K of the race. And, I'm 14 years old."

His dad says, "My name is David Kurth. I am doing the swimming leg, and I'm 41 years old."

And, David Kurth’s dad says, "I'm Tom Kurth, grandfather of the outfit, 69. I'm the biker part of it."

The grandfather of the group says he isn't worried about biking the 40 kilometers. He says, "I was training anyway for RAGBRAI."

And, surely Carsen won't have a problem running. He says, "I've been training all summer with the cross country team."

But, Dad David says, "The only weak link was myself, who hasn't done swimming before."

He started training six months ago and says he's ready for the 1.5 kilometer swim. He says, "A little nervous about the crowd, I guess. I've been training, so I think I can do the distance."

The youngest member of the bunch first suggested the three generations join forces. Carsen says, "I like to bring my family together and try to do different things." Tom Kurth laughs, "It's awesome, I never dreamed. I thought it was a joke at first."

David Kurth says, "I am excited to do it as part of our family, especially as the first time."

The Kurths say they're excited to cross the finish line Sunday after all the training. And, they hope other families will give it a try too.

David says, "It's really great because you can really motivate one another." He goes on to say, "My dad and son are probably two of the hardest working people I know and to get to participate on a team together, and to complete a goal together, just to finish the event is really, it's exciting for me."

Tom Kurth says, "I'll cherish that until I quit breathing, until they send me to my grave."

244 teams are registered to participate as a relay team in the Hy-Vee Triathlon. And, you can still sign up Friday and Saturday at the Expo at Hy-Vee Hall.