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KILLER RELEASED: 4 Years An ‘Injustice’

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A Des Moines man who killed an Air National Guardsman while trying to escape after stealing gasoline will be released from prison after serving just four years of a ten year sentence.

Back in 1999 Orlando Rodriguez and his brother Santos slammed into Bruce Mundy’s motorcycle killing him.

Santos, who police believe was driving,  was deemed not fit to stand trial because of a brain injury he suffered in a shootout with police when he was a teenager.

Orlando worked out a plea deal with prosecutors that will put him in work release by the end of this week.

Mundy’s family blames prosecutors for what they call an injustice. “I place all of the injustice in this case at the foot of the prosecutor that accepted that plea." says Mundy's son, Nathan.

"Instead of going to trial against our wishes,  against my family's wishes,  we were told what he wanted to plead to we were told how he wanted to plead to it."

By law, an inmate gets 1.2-days removed from a sentence for every one day of good behavior.