SUMMER SPLASH: Pools Open This Long Weekend

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As the summer unofficially comes to an end, you may be looking to go for a swim, or at least cool off.

The only problem is most pools closed when kids headed back to class. But, you can still make a splash these last few days of summer.

You really can't avoid it, if you head outside. Mom Joy Kurtinitis says, “Very hot, not very comfortable"

But, as the unofficial end to summer arrives, it's hard to find an open pool. Joy says, "We tried to go to a pool close to our house that closes after school starts, and we were really disappointed. We're like why can't they be open."

Kurtinitis brought her two tikes to Pete Crivaro Park. It has a splash pad and a wading pool. Jen Fletcher with Des Moines Parks and Recreation says, "We have our two novelty pools that are going to remain open through September 15th. That's here at Pete Crivaro Park and Martin Luther King Park."

Those are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. It's free for everyone. Des Moines Parks and Recreation extended the season into September last year. Fletcher says, "You never know what weather is going to bring, so we thought we would just experiment. It didn't exactly work out last year because it was a cooler September, but this year, clearly it's worked to our advantage."

You’ll also find a couple pools open in the metro. In Des Moines, Fletcher says, "We've got Teachout Aquatic Center, which will be open this weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday."

The Teachout Aquatic Center on Hubbell Avenue opens at 1 p.m. each day. It costs $4 for adults to get in, $2 dollars for those 2 to 21. 2 and younger are free.

Fletcher says, "It's unfortunate pools have to close, but it's just a staffing issue. Kids go back to school and college, and we don't have that available, so we try to keep one open every Labor Day weekend."

The Cascade Falls Aquatic Center in Ankeny is also open from noon to 8 p.m. this Labor Day weekend. $7 will get you in and help you keep cool.

You could also try one of Des Moines' five parks with water fountains. Those include Evelyn K. Davis, McHenry and Woodlawn parks. You can keep cool there for free through mid-October.