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MURPHY’S LAW: Hawkeyes Meltdown, Cyclone Woes, Rough week

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By: John Sears

Deja Vu in Iowa City.  Iowa plays well, leads most of the game, but melts down in the end.  Northern Illinois scores 10 points in the final 4 minutes to win 30-27.  It was Purdue, Central Michigan all over again.  Not good.   That’s 7 straight losses.

Hawks are now 2-6 in their last 8 games….At home.

Jake Rudock made his first start in a Hawkeye uniform.  Overall, pretty solid.  256 yards passing, TD, 2 INT’s.  But, Rudock made the biggest mistake of the game, a bad throw with just over 1 minute to play that was picked off.  Was it a great play call?  No.  But, this is on Rudock, the throw was horrendous, no other way to put it.  NIU went on to hit the game winning field goal with 4 seconds left.  I like the way Rudock managed the game, and I think he has some good upside.  He never forced anything, but just made an absolutely awful throw late in the 4th.

While Rudock had some good moments, he does lack arm strength.  This is apparent on out routes and deep patterns.  Jordan Cotton and Damond Powell both got behind the Husky defense, should have been TD’s, but both had to slow down to make catches.  It’s too early to give up on Rudock, but he has plenty to work on.

This loss is not the end of the world, but a HUGE missed opportunity.

Northern Illinois played in the Orange Bowl last year, they very well may end up in another BCS game again this year.  They are a good team.  Iowa may be their toughest game on the schedule, after the Hawks it’s Purdue and Toledo.  Huskies might just run the table.

Jordan Lynch can ball.  He was the difference, and legit.

On the bright side Hawkeye fans, Kansas State lost to North Dakota State, and #25 Oregon State lost to Eastern Washington.

Iowa State, what the heck??????  Who saw this coming?  Not me.  UNI controlled the entire game and leaves Jack Trice with a 28-20 win.  The last 4 meetings between UNI and ISU, 2 wins apiece.  Something is missing with the Cyclones, on both sides of the ball.  Offensively they seemed out of sync.  What’s their identity on offense?  They’re supposedly loaded at RB, but the leading rusher was QB Sam Richardson with 74 yards.  The leading RB?  Aaron Wimberly, 8 carries 35 yards.  If Iowa State can’t run the ball they will be in a lot of trouble.

Richardson struggled.  The numbers won’t show it but Sam looked like a QB making just his 3rd start.  He had his bright spots, but was also sacked 5 times.  Many of those sacks are on him for hanging on to the ball waaayyyy too long.

The defense is inexperienced and it showed.  The Panthers gashed the ISU ‘D’ for 457 yards, 228 on the ground, 229 through the air.  The defense is without a doubt the most concerning part.
UNI RB David Johnson is the best RB in the entire state, hands down.  199 yards rushing, 41 yards receiving, 4 TD’s.  Johnson was an unstoppable force Saturday night.  He averaged 9 yards a carry.  Let me repeat that…9 YARDS A CARRY!!!!

I think Iowa State’s loss is much more concerning than Iowa’s.  Thats not saying the Cyclones can’t rebound, but UNI controlled the entire game.  The Panther lines dominated.  Remember, this is a UNI team that won just 5 games last season.  If I’m a Cyclone fan I’m very concerned, this season could go downhill very fast, hopefully it doesn’t.

aDRIENNE STITCHESIt’s been a rough week in the Sears household.  My son Jack was sick on Friday, caught a virus and now has a rash.  Saturday, my daughter took a nosedive off the stairs in to a corner post, busted her lip open.  This morning we took her to a plastic surgeon to get it sewn up.  3 stitches, not fun.  Nothing worse than seeing your kids in physical pain.  Ugghhhh.

Here’s to hoping for a better week…

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