AGRIBUSINESS: Unusually Hot, Dry Weather Persists, Unfriendly For Crops

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Crops are already under stress from lack of rain, and though scattered showers did cover parts of northwestern Iowa this weekend, it's has little meaningful impact.

In addition, the crops have had to contend with the year's highest temperatures last week. It's unexpected, says State Climatologist Harry Hillaker. Only one week last year, the first week in July, was hotter, and Hillaker says in a normal year the third week in July is usually the hottest.

But last Friday, temperatures in Des Moines reached a highly unusual hundred and four degrees. Hillaker says current normals are around 80 degrees for a high, which catches some people by surprise. The "midsummer mentality" has a tendency to assume temperatures in the mid-80s as normal, but Hillaker says that's not the case.

Looking ahead, Hillaker says the chance for rain will be slim and unsubstantial, with temperatures in the mid-90s by the weekend.

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