SAFETY CONCERNS: Two Attacks In Two Weeks

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A Des Moines man was attacked and stabbed in broad daylight in downtown less than two weeks after another man was beaten to death just a few blocks away, leaving some to wonder how safe downtown is.

Witnesses say 48 year old Timothy Pridgen was attacked by three or four men and stabbed several times in the torso. The stabbing at Cowles Commons, formerly knows as Nollen Plaza comes as no surprise to people who work near-by.  They say they're regularly harassed by drunks, thugs and homeless people.

"Everyday." says Hope Sikon of Des Moines, "Because of the element of the individual.  Not professionals which is the environment that I work in. So it's kind of uncomfortable being out here."

"If there's a situation that makes me a little nervous I move a little further away from it and just keep going." adds Jenny Osler of Des Moines,   "I always have my keys ready at night when I go to my car.  And there's always the opportunity to go on the skywalk if things are really weird on the street."

Des Moines police say the two attacks are not related.  No arrests have been made in the stabbing yet.  Investigators are waiting for the victim to recover from surgery before they interview him.

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