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Every Saturday morning you’ll find Skye Westendorf and her husband Bob at Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts Academy.  They’re not training for a fight.  They’re training for life. “We work out every day for at least an hour,” says Skye, ”sometimes Bob spends 3-4 hours in the gym.”

It wasn’t always like this.  Not too long ago Skye and Bob were couch potatoes, and dangerously overweight.  “I’ve lost 125 pounds and my husband’s lost about 155 pounds. We’ve made lot of lifestyle changes.”

Gastric sleeve surgeries jump started those changes and you could say Anthony Porcelli kicked them into overdrive. “I try to make it a family atmosphere,” he says with a grin, “I don’t have a cash register or a desk, I just want people to come in and do the workout.”

A former wrestler and fighter – now Porcelli trains others who want to compete on the mat, or in the cage, or those of us who just want a great workout – without the risk of black eyes or broken noses.

“Today we’re going to do kickboxing with pads,” he explains, “it’s Muay Thai boxing. Muay Thai is the art of eight limbs. We use hands, elbows, knees, and feet.” We use them all during these sixty minutes. Punching, kicking and constantly moving.

Porcelli also likes to add burpees into the mix for a nice cardio blast. It’s his goal to keep people on their toes. “We’re going to add a little spice to this next one,” he laughs.

That “spice” is what keeps Skye and Bob coming back week after week.  “We’re physically more alert, we have more strength, we can do so much more and we have more confidence.” They’re so happy with the results – they drive all the way from Newton to train with Anthony. “I mean, we were working out before but we started coming here – but he’s a total inspiration and motivation.”

He pushes them to be their best in the gym, in the cage, in life.

“For us, it’s a complete lifestyle change,”Skye says,”we have kids out of school and getting married and we want to be there for our grandchildren  and be happy grandparents and see our grandchildren get married too. That was a big thing for us, we want to be healthy to do that.”

If you're interested in trying this workout, visit desmoinesmma.com.



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