WRESTLING NICE: Video Urges Olympic Inclusion

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Iowa Nice Guy

The International Olympic Committee will decide this week if wrestling will continue as an Olympic sport.

If the IOC needed any more convincing, Iowa Nice guy, Scott Siepker, released a YouTube video urging for the ancient sport’s inclusion.

Wrestling is up against baseball, softball and squash for one place after the Executive Board of the IOC announced back in February that wrestling was recommended to be dropped from the Summer Games beginning in 2020.

Siepker argues that, “180 countries have wrestling governing bodies,” adding, “In 2020 there will be 26 sports in the Olympics. Can you honestly tell me there’s 26 Olympic sports more important than wrestling?”

The Des Moines-based ESPN contributor signs off with, “The Olympics aren’t the Olympics without wrestling.”

On Sunday, we’ll find out if the IOC agrees.

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