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Today, the governor reappointed a retired commissioner to lead the Department of Public Safety.  Late this afternoon, Larry Noble took over duties for Brian London.

“Brian London offered his resignation and the Governor accepted it,” says Tim Albrecht, the Governor’s Communications Director.

London was on the job for only ten months. The newly named Commissioner Noble brings 30 years of experience in public safety and politics.  He is returning to the post he left in June 2012.

“Larry will offer stability and predictability to the department, is well-respected and has a lot of integrity moving forward,” says Albrecht.

“We had no idea this change was going to happen,” says Sgt. Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol.

Bright described the department as “excited” to have Commissioner Noble back.  He says morale took a hit under London’s command.

“A lot of people were unhappy with the way the leadership was going in our department,” he says.

Former Commissioner London sent a two page resignation letter to the department.  The subject line reads “Resignation for Personal Reasons”.

He writes, “I have found much to admire in all with whom I have served.  Not every manager is so fortunate.  I pushed my managers hard, and they responded admirably.”   London goes on to say, “I worked hard, I did my duty as best I knew how, and I am proud of my service with the department.”