DOG ORDINANCE: Waterloo Targets Pit Bulls

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The Waterloo City Council is looking into a proposed dog ordinance Wednesday evening targeting pit bulls.

It comes after two people were attacked by dogs in Waterloo last week.

After a three hour surgery and a hospital stay, 65-year-old Vivien Brookman is recovering at home after three dogs attacked her last week.

Brookman was out for her morning walk with she says three dogs surrounded her and started biting her.

She suffered 200 bites but she isn’t blaming the dogs. She says the owner needs to be more responsible.

Brookman is a dog owner herself and says she is against the proposal and hopes the owner of the dogs gets punished instead.

“You could have done more and you didn’t do anything,” Brookman said. β€œHe should be held responsible, not the dogs. The dogs did what they were trained to do. If you have been trained to fight or attack, it would have never.”

The proposed ordinance would require every pitbull in town to have a special license to be in city limits.

All the dogs must be spayed or neutered and they must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and micro-chipped.

A two pitbull per owner limit is also being considered.