FARMERS PRODUCE: Wednesday Market Starts

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Freshly picked fruits and veggies were up for sale for about three hours Wednesday.

The Wednesday farmers’ market returned to downtown. It was supposed to start last week but the heat delayed the first market.

The event runs from 10:30 to 1:30 every Wednesday until October 2nd.

Besides produce, there were also lunch options for the working crowd.

Will Hensley is a new producer to the market. He says his fall produce is looking good and will be ready soon.

“We are ready to start harvesting most of our acorns and butter nuts right now. Pumpkins are looking really well. I’m going to say within another two weeks we should have most of our pumpkins ready to go,” Hensley said.

He think he used over 1-million-gallons of water this year to keep his crops healthy.