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LOW MORALE: London Resigns As DPS Head

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Governor Branstad appointed Larry Noble Wednesday morning as head of the Iowa Department of Public Safety following Tuesday night’s resignation of Brian London.

London had been in the job since last October.

The Register reports London left due to complaints over low morale amongst employees and the controversy surrounding the firing of DPS Agent Larry Hedlund.

Hedlund was fired in August, four months after he filed a complaint against the speeding state trooper in charge of driving Governor Branstad.

Governor Branstad maintains Hedlund’s firing had nothing to do with the complaint.

London, a former executive director of Interpol, made news last month when he was alleged to have said Filipinos are hard to polygraph. London later apologized to Philippine Ambassador Jose Cuisia saying his remarks were taken out of context.

larry nobleNoble, a former Republican legislator from Ankney, occupied the position for 18 months between early 2011 and mid-2012. The 62-year old was in retirement.

“I am pleased to bring Larry Noble back to serve as Public Safety Commissioner,” Branstad said in a statement Wednesday morning. “Larry has 30 years of experience in the Iowa Department of Public Safety, and served four years in the Iowa Senate, giving him the experience and leadership ability to restore stability and predictability within this very important department of state government.

“I appreciate Larry’s willingness to come back and serve Iowans in this important role. Larry Noble has a reputation for integrity and humility, which is important as we focus on the department’s future. I have chosen Larry because he has a wealth of experience in the Iowa Department of Public Safety, and has demonstrated the ability to lead with integrity.

“Larry Noble has the respect of the people within the department, and he will be a strong leader as we move forward.”